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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Today, God's people are going through so much, I am dedicating this next post to those going through trials and in need of encouragement.

Be Encouraged…

Sometimes in this life we are faced with despair,
And it seems sometimes that there’s just no one there.
Cast burdens upon him his Word has proved,
That the righteous shall never be moved.

Sometimes in our trials it just seems too much,
But we must remember that Jesus is touched
When it seems like it’s just too much for you to face,
Go boldly to the throne of grace.

Even though we are still here in this world of strife,
Still God’s loving kindness is better that life
Even though we’re not able to see our way through
Remember God is always true.

So be encouraged in spite of your test my dear friend,
Living for God is much better than living in sin.
If we just keep His Word hid our heart,
We will never, no never depart.

Be encouraged in spite of your tests,
Stay true and you will be blessed.
Staying honest is a very important thing,
and in glory his praises we’ll sing.

                                           Lyrics by Gino Milton ©1986

My husband wrote this when he was out of job and the Lord gave him this song to encourage his heart.

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