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Riddle Answer

What has a lot of hands and feet, runs night and day but has no heart?

Answer:  a backslidden church
Please explain:  The church at Laodecia in Revelations 3:14-22 was a church that was rich and doing well outwardly but had lost their zeal and love for Christ.  As a result, they had what many churches have today:    routine with no passion; activities but no personal devotion to Christ.  They can live right on Sunday, but by Monday they carry on, living like unchanged people.  They have gotten so dull, that they may be dead like the dry bones in the book of Ezekiel; or more proverbially like the chicken with his head cut off that doesn't realize he is dead and is still running around the yard.

Is your church doing a lot for the community, activities for the children, retreats, bible studies but bickering, arguing, divided, hateful, gossiping, club hopping choir members,  or deacons and preachers that treat the church like their own personal cash cow? If you are in a church like this and hate what you see, please pray to find something better.  God does have people that are on fire for God. Don't confuse emotionalism with spiritual fire.  True spiritual fire results in a spiritual, holy life.  Be careful to move on when God tells you because it has been my experience that it won't be long before you start to feel it's not so bad and make excuses for the wrongs that you see.

When my spiritual fervency fades, it is time to get back to the old path of loving Christ so much that I refuse to go along with wrong, not matter what the cost. 

A lukewarm church is like a couple who stays together, because it's too expensive to divorce, or it's "cheaper to keep her" but have lost the romance out of their marriage.  They have the house, car and friends but their relationship is dead. How is your relationship with Christ?  This is the condition of many churches in America, and all who can need to pray.